Let’s Decide on Your Wedding Venue Aesthetic

Columbus wedding venue aesthetic

Let’s Decide on Your Wedding Venue Aesthetic

It’s so important for your wedding to have the right aesthetic, look, or vibe. A wedding venue aesthetic is one of those things that you know when you see it. An aesthetic is the overall impression of a thousand little details, the feeling that you get when you step into a gorgeous space and say, “This is it!”

When it comes to your wedding, the venue is perhaps the most important contributor to the overall aesthetic. You could have the most beautiful dress in the world, but if the ceremony were held in a back alley, the entire event would feel off. The wedding might be memorable… but not for the right reasons.

Let’s go through the possible options and lay out a few considerations for your venue. Consider these tips from our expert wedding planners so that you’re able to select a wedding venue aesthetic perfect for your needs, your vision, and your budget. 

1. Architecture

Buildings can have incredible emotional impact, and we associate emotions with buildings all the time. For example, we may encounter a spooky castle, stately manor, or cozy cottage. Make sure your wedding venue’s architecture conveys the aesthetic you want. 

The Loft at Peck’s Hall is a popular wedding venue because of its unique industrial architecture. Our tall windows let in beautiful natural light, bathing the main hall in light that smoothes out features and makes for stunning photography. Our high ceilings add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Finally, industrial accents add a modern touch to our wedding venue aesthetic.

2. Colors and Tone

Let’s not forget your wedding photos. A wedding venue’s aesthetic can make or break a wedding album. How do you want the venue’s colors to mix with your dress, wedding party colors, and decorations? The Loft, for example, tends toward warm, rich colors. Our hardwoods are a beautiful brown, and antique red brick provides a pleasing backdrop. Our large windows will make your photographer happy with natural light.

3. “White Space”

Consider the closeness or spaciousness of your wedding venue of choice. In graphic design, white space is used to declutter an image. Imagine a marketing flier with no space between words and 12 pictures competing for your attention. It’s hard to look at! We’d call that an “eyesore.” Instead, white space allows the eye to rest. The same is true for your wedding venue. 

There’s a fine line between cozy and cramped. That’s why you should think about your guest list when choosing a venue. Will the space be able to accommodate 100 guests or 500 guests? Is the dance floor big enough? Don’t forget to account for any other activities requiring equipment or props for your guests.

At the Loft at Peck’s Hall, we can comfortably accommodate around 125 people. Our coordinator will be sure to sit down with you to discuss your space needs, including any props or decorations.

4. Accessibility

While accessibility doesn’t impact the look of the venue, it will affect how people experience it. Just imagine if you had a wedding at a quaint farmhouse. The wedding venue aesthetic might be gorgeous, but guests might feel a bit put off if they have to hike a mile along a dirt road to reach it. Consider every guest you intend to invite. Do you have anyone with handicap needs? If so, make accessibility a priority when choosing a wedding venue aesthetic.

5. Coordination and Assistance

Make sure your wedding venue has a competent and proactive coordinator. Poor planning can lead to hasty fixes, which will hurt your wedding venue’s aesthetic. For example, if your venue doesn’t have enough chairs, then you might have to find plastic folding chairs to accommodate everyone, but that won’t look very good next to your beautiful centerpieces. 

When you work with the Loft at Peck’s Hall for your wedding venue, you can choose a pricing plan that meets your wedding coordination needs. All of our packages include a coordinator , beautiful decorations, and a stay in our stunning brand-new Honeymoon Suite. Let our team help you create the perfect wedding venue aesthetic. 

The Loft at Peck’s Hall Offers the Perfect Wedding Venue Aesthetic

The Loft at Peck’s Hall is a favorite wedding venue in Ohio. Located in quaint Circleville, we’re easily accessible from Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati. As a medium-sized venue, we can host weddings, ceremonies, and parties for all your friends and family without breaking the budget.

As you plan out your perfect wedding venue aesthetic, we invite you to scroll through our photo gallery. Look at pictures from past events, take in the smiles, and admire the classic backgrounds. Imagine yourself standing with your friends and family taking in your magical day. 

Don’t settle for anything less than perfect. Let the Loft provide a stunning aesthetic to your wedding day. 
We’re currently accepting wedding reservations. We also offer custom pricing since we know everyone’s wedding needs are a little bit different. It’s all part of our goal to be Ohio’s favorite wedding venue. Get in touch with us today!