Discover the Loft at Peck’s Hall: The Best Venue for Your Anniversary Party

Anniversary party in Ohio

Discover the Loft at Peck’s Hall: The Best Venue for Your Anniversary Party

We love being able to send off newlywed couples after they get married at our beautiful venue. But we also love hosting couples who have been together for five, 10, or 50 years. Celebrate your years of dedication and commitment at The Loft at Peck’s Hall. 

The Loft is considered one of the best venues for anniversary parties. Reach out to our team for more details. Depending on the party package you choose, you’ll get assistance with set-up, tear-down, and decoration selections. All from the quaint town of Circleville, Ohio.

Why Is The Loft the Best Venue for an Anniversary Party?

Here are a few reasons why people consider The Loft the best venue for an anniversary party.

1. Intimacy

Most anniversary parties are held for immediate family and close friends. You don’t want to rent out a conference center or an auditorium. Instead, have an intimate dinner with those who love you most. Share conversations and look back over the happy years of your marriage. Our venue is the perfect place for parties of 25-50 people.

The Loft also looks modern and elegant. Large windows, natural lighting, and stately accents add a sense of subtle luxury. Perfect for people in their 40s or 50s (or older) who want to celebrate in an upscale environment. 

2. Accessibility 

Downtown venues might be glamorous, but they’re not always easily accessible. The same goes for rural cabins and retreat centers. The Loft is located just south of Columbus and offers incredibly easy access. Park closeby and come on in. No traffic or back roads to deal with when you reserve The Loft for your anniversary party.

3. Affordability 

It’s one thing to spend a large sum on a wedding, but most people won’t break the bank for an anniversary party. After all, you’ve already had your wedding. No need to go through that financial process again! Our team can talk with you about our party packages. Choose the package that meets your needs. Over the years, we’ve noticed that the best anniversary parties are ones that trade glitz and glamor for lasting memories with loved ones. 

Fun Ideas for Your Anniversary Party

Now that you’ve heard why The Loft is the best venue for an anniversary party, you might want to plan out a few memorable activities. Prompt your guests to reminisce about your relationship. Create smiles. Throw an anniversary party to remember. 

1. Leave Conversation Cards on Each Table

There are many brands of conversation cards on the market. Choose a set that asks questions about relationships and love. These make for excellent ice breakers and will get everyone at the party talking and sharing. You could even have the honored couple answer a few question cards into the microphone.


2. Set Up A Photobooth

Everyone loves pictures! Plus, you’ll be able to collect photos for an album. Bring in some fun props that speak to the personalities or hobbies of the couple: a golf club, a beret, or funny glasses. Get creative!

3. The Shoe Game

The shoe game is popular at weddings, but it’s also a cute activity for anniversary parties. In this game, the couple sits back to back. Each person takes off a shoe and holds it in their hand. An MC or DJ will ask questions to the couple. For example, “Who is the funniest?” or “Who is the worst at doing dishes?” The couple’s answers—indicated by holding up one shoe—are bound to be hilarious as they match (or don’t match) on their opinions.

4. Karaoke Duets

Get the couple of honor up on stage for karaoke duets. What a fun way to let loose and make memories! Of course, once the couple does their songs, the karaoke stage can be open to the crowd. Even better, select three judges who can score the performances American Idol style. 

Reserve the Best Venue for Your Anniversary Party Today

If you’re interested in reserving The Loft for your anniversary party, we recommend you get in touch today. Between weddings, retirement celebrations, and graduation parties, our schedule fills up quickly. Our Loft is spacious and beautiful, with plenty of room for groups of all sizes to enjoy themselves. We offer flexible pricing options and a wide range of services to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on being the best venue for your event—anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and more!

Every party here may have use of our tables, chairs, original antique wooden carts, arbors, and antique furniture for photography opportunities. The space includes a large catering prep station, multiple bathrooms, and the event space itself.

We can work with you one-on-one to plan the best anniversary party. Don’t handle all the details yourself. We’re happy to help.

Click here to view more details on our party packages at The Loft at Peck’s Hall.