A Classic, Elegant Wedding Reception Location in Columbus

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A Classic, Elegant Wedding Reception Location in Columbus

You’ve picked out the perfect place for your wedding ceremony. Perhaps you’re going to say your vows at your family church. Or your friend is letting you get married in their gorgeous backyard. The minister has been selected and you’ve picked out the song you want playing when you walk down the aisle.

But what about the wedding reception location?

The Loft at Peck’s Hall is one of the most popular wedding reception locations in Columbus. Located just south of the city, The Loft offers convenience, accessibility, and stunning beauty. We invite you to learn more about our venue and see if it’s the right fit for you!

Here are a few reasons why we love The Loft.

Beautiful Wedding Reception Location in Columbus

The Loft at Peck’s Hall was built in 1855 and has played a consistent (yet quiet) role in local Ohio history. At one time a shoe store, at another time a dry goods store, The Loft retains much of its classic feel and look. There’s just something incredible about having your wedding reception at such a historic location!

1. Small-town Feel

The Loft is close enough to Columbus for convenience and accessibility–but far out enough for a small-town feel. You’ll be right along main street looking over quaint storefronts and the quiet bustle of local shopping. You won’t have to deal with busy traffic or loud, urban noise disrupting your wedding reception at The Loft.

2. Old-Fashioned Plaster Walls

One of our main highlights is our plaster walls. The texture of these classic structural elements makes for great photos and an old-world feel. Drywall is fine, but it lacks character. If you’re looking for a wedding reception location in Columbus that’s going to lead to some excellent social media pictures, then consider choosing The Loft.

3. Brick to Add a Pop of Color

People love the variety of decor at The Loft. An entire room of plaster could get a little drab. That’s why we’ve also kept some of the original red brick. A white wedding dress against stunning brick – few things look better together! Except for you and your partner, of course. 

4. High Windows for Atmospheric Photos

Your photographer will thank you for choosing The Loft. Our high windows let in gorgeous natural light. Play with shadows and silhouettes. Catch fully-lit smiles and hugs. One of the biggest mistakes is choosing a wedding reception location with fluorescent lighting; you won’t have that problem at The Loft.

Our Team Makes Your Dream Day Possible

When you choose The Loft as your wedding reception location in Columbus, you’ll get access to our helpful, responsive event team. We work hard to make your day as stress-free as possible. Our space is open to you for 12 hours. This allows for setup and teardown that doesn’t press you for time. We can also coordinate decoration drop-offs ahead of time so that friends and family don’t forget the centerpieces in the day-of wedding rush.

View Wedding Packages for The Loft at Peck’s Hall

Event coordination access will depend on the wedding package you choose. We offer silver, gold, and platinum package options. These packages give you options related to tear-down assistance, rehearsal dinner availability, arches and decorations, and access to a personal event coordinator. Click here to see pricing and packages for The Loft’s reception venue in Columbus.

More Amenities at The Loft

Wedding receptions are only part of our total wedding package offerings. We can also host your ceremony and rehearsal dinner. Or that “party for friends” that you throw after you elope to Hawaii just you and your special someone. If you’re already looking for a wedding reception location in Columbus, why not have your entire wedding with us?

In addition to our main event room, you can have access to the Bridal Lounge, the Groom’s Lounge, as well as our newly renovated Honeymoon Suite. Yes, spend the first night of your marriage in a European-style apartment loft right here in Ohio. Vintage hardwood floors, black window trim, and a four-post bed make our suite a fantastic choice. 

Have Questions? Ask Us About Our Wedding Reception Location in Columbus.

We couldn’t be happier making people’s dream weddings come true. We’re proud to be known as a favorite wedding reception location in Columbus for our intimate atmosphere and attentive customer service. 

We’d love to talk with you one-on-one about your wedding plans. Let us give you the attention you deserve. To get in touch, click here.