Our Story

I grabbed Curtis’s arm- “Oh my word!!! We are totally getting married here!” That was quite literally my reaction when Curtis showed me The Loft for the first time!

I could picture it all. The floors weren’t finished, it was dirty, hadn’t been used in a while. But I could see it! This is where we would say “I Do!!!” Starting the rest of our lives together! Married!!!


Now that was a word I didn’t think I would ever be using again. Life has a way of crashing dreams, destroying the happily ever afters…and we were no different. We have had our share of brokenness.

But here I was in the middle of this big dusty room that hadn’t been loved or used since the 1930’s…and all I could see was beauty! Restoration! Walls that I’m sure could tell so many stories, surrounded by massive windows that let in the most amazing light, exposing that fact that every inch of this place is beautiful. Historic. Simple. Perfect!

The Loft

Oh yeah! It was love at first sight with me and The Loft. I knew this was the place, and I knew this was the man! 

So, that’s how it started! Curtis and I decided to work on it together and make it our place! Getting married to the best man ever- in The Loft- was like a dream I never knew could be real. 

The Loft has become a visual, daily reminder of the beauty of second chances, restoration, and of God’s mercy in both of our lives. Again- neither one of us could have written our story like this. 

We are so grateful to God for bringing us together, restoring our happily ever after, and having the chance to work on making something old and broken, new and beautiful again! This is what The Loft means to us. It has been a part of our story from the beginning and we are so honored and excited to get to share it with you! 

-Michal & Curtis Christopher

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