Event Pricing

TAILOR MADE Event Planning

Whether it is a wedding, a family reunion, or a corporate party, we want to make every event both memorable and affordable. Below are our rates for different events, if you have any specific needs for your event or questions, please reach out and contact us



We are beyond delighted and honored that you are interested in spending the most beautiful day of your lives with us at The Loft! It is exciting to see any potential weddings in the space because it holds a place in our hearts, being the location our owners were the first to get married in. 

The event space itself can host 150-175 happy, dancing guests at once. The Loft is family owned, operated and adored! We can’t wait to meet you and are so happy at the chance to be opening this historically unique space to you for your wedding.

Honeymoon Suite

Included in wedding pricing – can be booked separately

Our Honeymoon Suite is the perfect destination for newly wed couples.

A whimsical, romantic bed, that is as beautiful and inviting as it is lusciously comfortable! With a canopy that draws your eye up to the lovely tall ceilings! Yes, you should stay in bed all day!
Our green velvet chase, with round gold based  tables, and antique cane bottom chairs, because every meal with your lover should feel like that first coffee at your favorite cafe!
A soaking tub for two, made for hours of connection with your soul mate!
Exposed brick & original wood floors from 1910!
Gorgeous mirrors. This is a place to help you slow down and enjoy the beauty and grace reflected in each other.


For photography, we book 4-hour sessions. Hourly extensions may be added to any booking.

We welcome photographers, as we love to see the creativity that artists can pull off in the space we love so much!  Even in all the historically unique nooks and crannies of the loft, treasures are left to be found for anyone with an artistic eye.  

The bridal and groom’s lounges are decorated at all times and we welcome photographers to bring props. The Loft space is also decorated during the holidays for any photography sessions reserved!


For parties, our pricing is based on the estimated number of guests attending the event.

Here at the Loft, we love to celebrate! So whether it be a baby shower or retirement party, we are thrilled at the opportunity to commemorate your reason to party. Book with us today and let’s get this party started!