Peck’s Hall was built in 1855 and sits in the center of Circleville, on Court and Main. The building has been photographed, painted and written about in local and state history books.

From the 1800’s into the early 1900’s Pecks Hall hosted many different stores:  S. Jacobson Dry Goods, Henry Pontius shoe store, Henry Levy Clothing, Stephen Miller & Co meat market, Lyman Olds Stationary & Book Store, Evans & Krimmel Drug Store, Lutz & Lebaron Real Estate, Colwell & Katz clothing store, and several more.


In the early 1900’s there was an athletic center on the third floor.  They did everything from workouts to volleyball and even used it for a roller skating rink.

During World War One the third floor was also use to house troops.

In the 1920’s the third floor was the Circleville dance hall. You can still see where the balcony was and where the band would have played.

From 1930 to 1978, Peck's Hall was rented to the G.C. Murphy Company. The basement, first and second floors were used for the department store and the third floor was for inventory. The elevator was installed to move inventory and is still in use today.

In 1978 G.C. Murphy went out of business and the Sundry department store took over the building until 1992

In 1982, the second floor was remodeled to host the administrative offices for First National Bank.

Currently Peck's Hall houses Uniquely Yours dress shop and Coldwell Banker realty on the first floor. The second floor is administrative offices and the third floor was converted to The Loft Event Venue in 2020.

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